The Foundation Story

When we launched the CUDNC at the Underground in Vegas a couple of years ago, a large credit union and a CUSO asked how they could make a donation to our cause. We honestly hadn't thought of that, so we created a foundation! Your donations support grant programs that focus on the formation and organization of new credit union charters.

In the last three years only 8 charters have been granted. Of those, seven were black-led and the other Native American. Most new charters will never see the light of day because they are not able to raise adequate capital. We have been working closely with new charters, the NCUA, and various organizations that have provided "in kind" and greatly discounted service donations to drive the capital requirement down.

There is no minimum capital requirement for a de novo, it is completely dependent upon their business plan. But what we do know is that a credit union that wants to start with basic services, or what we like to call the "cigar box" credit union, that they can usually achieve that with $100,000.00 in capital. Capital is 100% a donation. It is not an investment and will not be repaid.

New credit unions are vital to the health and viability of the movement.

Meet the CUDNC Foundation Board of Directors

Denise Wymore, GSD, Manager Corporate Philanthropy, Zest AI

President and Chairman of the Board


Denise Wymore

Tom Sakash, Strategic Consulting Officer, Your CU Partner

Vice Chairman

Tom Headshot Round

Ronaldo Hardy, CEO of NACUSO



Juan Fernandez Ceballos, CEO Louisiana Credit Union League

Juan Fernandez Ceballos

John Cassidy, Credit Union Systems Director, TruStage

John Cassidy

George Hofheimer, Advising highly ambitious credit unions that want to change the world.

George Hofheimer

Scott Prior, President/CEO Connection Credit Union

Scott Prior