CUCollaborate Releases New Charter Workbook & Template

CUCollaborate offers a new set of materials for groups beginning the process of chartering a de novo credit union!

NCUA to Introduce Provisional Charter for New CUs

At the 2023 GAC, NCUA board Vice Chairman Kyle Hauptman announced that the NCUA will be “rolling out” a provisional charter intended to help new credit unions raise capital.

NCUA Charters New Montana CU!

The Morning Star Federal Credit Union to serve Big Horn & Rosebud Counties

The new credit union will increase access to safe, fair, and affordable financial products in an underserved, primarily Native American community.

NCUA Charters New CU in the Bronx!

New York Episcopal Federal Credit Union Gains Federal Charter

The NCUA has granted a federal charter and Share Insurance Fund coverage to New York Episcopal Federal Credit Union in the Bronx, New York.

NCUA Charters New Arkansas CU!

People Trust Community Federal Credit Union Will Serve Low and Moderate-Income Communities in Central Arkansas

The National Credit Union Administration has granted a federal charter and Share Insurance Fund coverage to People Trust Community Federal Credit Union in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

NCUA Green Lights New Charter Application for Diverge Proposed Federal Credit Union

Something Radically Inclusive is Coming to Financial Services!

Diverge PFCU is a groundbreaking initiative that will expand financial access for historically unbanked individuals and their families.

We’re fighting for the of credit unions.

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The CU De Novo Collective’s purpose is to keep fighting for the future of credit unions...

even if we may not be around to see it.


Here’s what the CU De Novo Collective

is doing about it

The CU De Novo Collective hopes to spark a revolution within the credit union movement where new credit unions can be formed more easily to serve new and existing communities in exciting new ways.

We’re working to help established credit unions and the industry as a whole to support and value new credit unions. In our vision of the future, forming new credit unions will become a common, accepted way of meeting new needs and pursuing new opportunities with a wide array of existing and new communities.

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