Proposed De Novo Credit Unions

"I firmly believe the interest in de novo credit unions is a signal from communities that they still find cooperative credit matters where their voices play an important role."

Maurice R. Smith, CEO, Local Government Federal Credit Union

Maurice Smith


First Step Alliance - Helping Formerly Incarcerated People Take the First StepReturning Citizens Credit Union

Helping Formerly Incarcerated People Take the First Step

Our vision is to make impactful change to the systemic banking issues millions of formerly incarcerated individuals face and start a new credit union dedicated to this community.


George Washington University Credit Union InitiativeGeorge Washington University Credit Union Initiative

Our mission here at the GWUCUI is to strengthen the GW community by helping students bank affordably, build credit, better manage their finances and develop valuable skill sets that they can bring to their careers. We seek to accomplish this goal by chartering a student-run Credit Union.

Historically Black Colleges Credit UnionHistorically Black Colleges Credit Union

The HBCU CU Concept (342K PDF)

As envisioned, the HBCU CU (a placeholder name) would be a digital-only credit union - owned by and operated exclusively for the students, alumni, faculty and staff of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) - for the express purpose of delivering value-added financial services and objective financial education to the HBCU community.



Nirvana plans to seek multiple common bond fields of membership of organizations, non-profits and businesses serving LGBTQ+ service industry workers and sex workers.

Our mission is:

  • Queer socioeconomic liberation
  • LGBTQ+ consumer advocacy
  • Empowered representation

Download PowerPoint Deck (16.2 MB .PPTX)


Graceline Community FCU

Graceline Community Inc. was formed by a group of professionals with shared values and extensive backgrounds in finance and business.  After many months of meeting, discussing, and researching the need for a credit union that would provide economic empowerment to marginalized people, we incorporated with the intention of bringing the credit union to life.

Our mission is:

  • to reduce inequality and create a shared prosperity
  • empower women entrepreneurs
  • engage unbanked and underbanked individuals.

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